Banish Stress, Anxiety and Depression …in 6 Weeks.

Stress, anxiety and depression are completely misunderstood: they have a purpose. We’re supposed to get them! Current medical practice is to medicate them or manage them…to squash the symptoms. When you understand how you’re unconsciously creating them and you deal with what they’re telling you, then you can beat them permanently in just 6 weeks.

Time to stop managing and medicating?

The Mark Newey Method is based on 5 principles and 5 sessions

The 5 Principles:

  1. Nurturing: we build instant rapport and safety for you
  2. Teaching you how you are creating the reality you don’t want
  3. Healing the self imposed limitations that are holding you back
  4. Inspiring you to discover the life you want
  5. Empowering you to go and make the changes you need

Please see quotes below from previously un-empowered people from all walks of life:

It has allowed me to grow and develop into a person I could only ever dreamt of before and never believed I could be. I changed my life. I am, and...
Ralph Peake

naked-i Mark has distilled 17 years of experience, his own and that of thousands of clients, top level neuroscience training and an insatiable curiosity about all things Mind, into a readable and life-changing book. It is easy to read and explains in simple terms how your Unconscious Mind works and how you are creating the reality you don’t want. You could also join Mark live at one of his genuinely transformational workshops and let him teach how you actually create your reality and so how you can empower yourself and become the LEADER you are supposed to be.