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Counselling can make the trauma worse

Well I never! I thought I was being a heretic when I tell people that going over painful old ground, as is done in counselling, does not help people which is the feedback I have got from the 65% of my clients who have already been through counselling. In last week’s Telegraph there was an… Continue Reading

Are you ready to spend £500,000 on therapy?

Actually a better question is: are you able to spend half a million quid on therapy? I’m pretty sure the answer’s no! Well our wonderful national treasure, Will Young, has! Unbeflippinglievable! This was reported in article today (29th May 2017) in the Daily Telegraph. I can only give you my personal view (backed up by… Continue Reading

Mental Health: Science, Art or Religion?

In the 1600’s, religion was the home of scientific contemplation, but with the birth of “real” science in the 1800’s, the two disciplines separated and this has had fundamental implications for mental health in the 21st Century!   In the UK, physical science really took over the reins on health with the birth of the… Continue Reading